Do What You Love, Love What You Do

The application process is, without a doubt, a stressful time. You’ve been working throughout your undergraduate career to gather experiences and skills which you want to display to medical schools. You want to pick recommenders who actually know you and need, with the pressure to finish applications as soon as possible, you need to remind …

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India Study Abroad

This past winter, I traveled to Jamkhed, Maharashtra, India on a Global Health: Ethnography study abroad session. I was humbled by the successful, sustainable health care the Comprehensive Rural Health Project (CRHP), founded by Drs. Arole, provided to the rural villages in Jamkhed and surrounding districts. Sustainable by Development Dr. Raj and Mabelle Arole believed …

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Volunteering: Who, What, When, Where, Why, How

WHO: YOU! The perfect pre-med student. WHAT: You must volunteer your time at a hospital to show your commitment to health and helping. This is not easy, especially when you have a hefty course load. WHEN: You should get this done before Spring Committee, meaning before the spring semester of your Junior year (if you …

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