Who am I?

The most simple definition of a nurse, though it is one of the broadest fields of health care, is a person who provides care.  Nursing is an expanding field that is high in demand, as nurses provide holistic care for all types of patients in all types of care settings.

There are LPNs (licensed practical nurse) with one year of training who have passed the NCLEX (Nursing’s MCAT) board exam, RNs (registered nurse) who have graduated from a certified nursing program and passed the NCLEX. Nurses can have Associates Degrees, though currently employers are looking to hire only Bachelor Degree nurses and above. Like doctors, Nurses go on to specialize in several fields with Masters or Doctorate degrees.

The difference between nurse and doctor is the difference between care and cureNursing is a bright and thriving field, but it’s a career where you really need to have compassion and care for others, because you’re constantly in contact with your patients. Nurses heal others not through a cure, but with compassion and humanity – they are the people there after and before the surgery, throughout the entire hospital stay, helping you plan your discharge, answering your family’s worried questions and bringing you comfort when you most need it.

Written by: Amirah