Toilet Paper Paradise

The “Toiletpaper Paradise” exhibit at the Cadillac House located in SoHo, NYC immerses the viewer into an eccentric and interactive experience. From the name of the exhibit, it may seem like it is just a room that has been teepeed, but it is actually a room containing many unique and unusual pieces. There is spaghetti wallpaper plastered on the walls and floor, a giant bar of soap with a bite missing from it, and a life-size plastic crocodile guarding the the entrance. Touching, sitting, playing, and reclining are highly encouraged. The artists want the audience to fully experience and try to take in as much of their artwork as possible.

IMG_1510There are plenty of comfy seating to be found on either the bed or the quirky sofa and various lounge chairs, so it is possible to sit and relax and observe all of the outlandish features and miniscule details that make the exhibit feel whole. According to the “The Architect’s Newspaper”, this exhibit is also known to be reminiscent of a feeling of “Mad Men on Acid” due to “…a range of mid century modern furniture that can be found within the setting.” The creativity for this funky gallery stems from artist Maurizio Cattelan and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari and is sponsored by “ToiletPaper Magazine”, which has many of the pieces displayed in the exhibit for sale on their website. This psychedelic experience is open until April 12th and is free to the public!

Written by: Elina Ashirova


“Toiletpaper Paradise” on Show at the Cadillac House in Manhattan.” N.p., 17 Feb. 2017. Web. 02 Apr. 2017.


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