The Museum of Feelings


Located in Battery City Park, the Museum of Feelings is an interactive exhibit that enables you to connect with all of your senses. As you are waiting to enter the exhibit, the exterior of the museum changes color to represent the mood of New York City, determined by chatter on social media and reports by the local news. You become more in touch with your senses as you move through rooms that are meant to mimic various emotions. Optimism, exhilaration, joy, and serenity all activated by different scents emitted in each room along with altering hues and tones; each room, encouraging you to engage with feelings through sensory stimulation. The unique combination of emotions make the experience truly one of a kind – in one moment, each person feels something different. At the end of the exhibit, you are invited to take a selfie through specialized software called the MoodLens, altering your picture to fit your current mood. It does so by3053990-slide-s-5-indulge-in-your-feels-at-the-museum-of-feelings taking your voice, body movements, pulse rate, social sentiment, and the weather into consideration when determining the overall “feeling” of your selfie and transforms it into a dynamic work of art. Writing about this experience does not do it much justice. Next time you are in desperate need of a study break from finals, stop by the Museum of Feelings, relax on a cloud of lavender in the Calmness Room and return to studying with a refreshed state of mind. It is also free for everyone!

What more can a college student ask for?

Written by: Elina Ashirova


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