Volunteering: Who, What, When, Where, Why, How

WHO: YOU! The perfect pre-med student.

WHAT: You must volunteer your time at a hospital to show your commitment to health and helping. This is not easy, especially when you have a hefty course load.

WHEN: You should get this done before Spring Committee, meaning before the spring semester of your Junior year (if you plan on applying to med school straight after college). Also, many hospitals have certain times in which they are accepting volunteers, so always be on the lookout for those deadlines.

WHERE: Any hospital is good! Here is a list of hospitals within New York City. The best way to determine what needs to be done for each hospital is to do research on their volunteer department. Don’t be afraid to call, usually that’s the best way to get an accurate answer fast.

WHY: Once again, you must show your commitment to public health and serving the community. It also gives you the experience you need before making your ultimate career decision.

HOW: The hardest part is getting out there and actually networking. Many hospitals list a general number for their Volunteer department and it is up to the student to make the call. These positions do NOT seek you. You must actively seek out opportunities and utilize your time in a way that would benefit you the most. However, this should be kept in mind. General rule of thumb is 200 hospital volunteer hours for a competitive application!


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