Natural Ways To Help Boost Your Immune System

1) To get rid of a cold: Enoki, Shitake, and Oysters– all of these contain ergothioneine, important for its’ antioxidant properties.

 2) To balance out your hormones: The answer is simple: Avocados. Avocados are rich in amino acids and antioxidants that help your adrenals and balancing your hormones.

 3) To get rid of the flu: Ginger! It assists us to keep our body out from harmful toxins. Also,  it can also help to cleanse our lymphatic system which is responsible for respiratory infections.

 4) To lower your bad cholesterol levels: Eating oatmeal is very helpful as it constitutes  soluble fiber that lowers LDL levels.

5) To lower the risk of heart attack?  The answer may be pumpkin seeds as  they are abundant in magnesium.  Magnesium lowers the blood pressure thus reducing the risk of heart attack.

 6) Against cancer risks: For a healthy immune system, graviola are potent natural compounds that fight cancerous cells.

 7) To improve gut health: Using oregano oil is the best way to kill the spread of the bacteria in your gut and can also cleanse it to boost your immune system.

 8) To heal your liver:  As we know, liver  removes the harmful substances from our body. The best way to support the process is to detoxify everything by using vegetables such as: kale, broccoli, lettuce, and cabbage.

 9) To stop coughing: Using Sage extract can ease your cough, and also removes the mucus. One  alternative way is to try a drop of sage extract in your tea.

 10) For a better visionBlack Currants contain anthocyanosides that assist with the night vision. They are also abundant in vitamin C that help your immune system.

 11) To get a radiant skin:  For a healthy skin, eating pomegranates can do the wonder. The reason is that ellagic acid and punic alagin fight against free radical damage.

 12) To have stronger hair: Eggs can make hair stronger and healthy because of iron, biotin and B12.  Deficiency of iron causes anemia that in some cases causes hair loss.

Sources: “Dr. Oz’s 13 Natural Immunity Boosters” Accessed on Oct.1st, 2013. At:



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