Read This And…Sleep


As a pre-health student you’re already studying to excess, sacrificing friendships, culture exploration, your sanity and sleep. Yet, did you realize an extra hour of sleep could change you? Modernity demands people transform into perpetual dynamos and consider sleep as a luxury. While in deep sleep your brain is moving memories from short-term storage into long-term storage, which makes more space for the next day (your brian…best hard drive ever). Without adequate deep sleep your memories will be lost. Deep sleep is essential to retain memories (physics equations, cell membrane function, the periodic table, etc.) that its advisable to allow for a reasonable night’s sleep, about seven-and-half hours’ prior to an exam; sorry ardent crammers.

During REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) noradrenalin, a stress-related chemical in the brain is halted, the only time this happens. REM allows the brain to reprocess all your experiences from the day aiding to reconciling emotional events. Don’t agitate REM as some people do by imbibing late at night. A good dram can lift your spirits and ease the mind however; it will reduce your REM sleep.

Need more evidence to sleep longer?

Researchers from the University of Surrey’s Sleep Research Centre had volunteers who normally sleep anywhere between six and nine hours randomly allocated into two groups. The volunteers who slept less had around 500 genes affected; genes that are associated with response to stress, inflammation, immune response, diabetes and cancer risk increased and became more active.

If this article caused you to slumber while reading, I’ve done my job…you’re welcome.

Click SLEEP to read the full article:



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