From Mind-Numbing, To Mind Fondling


You and your friends are not captivating individuals, kindling thought with every utterance and when alone you’re not blissfully escaping in the depth of your vast inner life. Why? Because your daily conversations penetrate the vapid concerns of reality shows or some inane gossip (deep insight can be gained from the humdrum, however its rare). In the Waking Life , an animated film written and directed by the exceptional art cinema auteur Richard Linklater, characters consider the nature of dreams, consciousness, and existentialism. Throughout the film an unnamed protagonist living an ethereal existence observes philosophical discussions involving other characters. Discussions such as:

“Man wants chaos. In fact, he’s got to have it. Depression, strife, riots, murder. All this dread. We’re irresistibly drawn to that almost orgiastic state created out of death and destruction. It’s in all of us. We revel in it.”

“What are these barriers that keep people from reaching anywhere near their real potential? The answer to that can be found in another question and that’s this: Which is the most universal human characteristic: fear, or laziness?”

Watch Waking Life more than once to experience its soft caress fondle your mind into the supple knowing of existence.


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