Are You Sure You Want To Be A Doctor?


Before Dr. Sandeep Jauhar became a cardiologist with a thriving practice he was a dithering also-ran physicist before the age of twenty-five. Intern: A Doctor’s Initiation is Dr. Jauhar’s absorbing experience for a more humane career. Many pre-med students have heard the brutal and languishing tales of residency. Intern presents Dr. Jauhar’s anecdotes of botching the blood pressure check on a patient who later dies during an aortic dissection and when he misses the high blood sodium level of a man who then suffers irreversible brain damage with humility, self-doubting angst, and candor. Dr. Jauhar throughout his residency laments that sometimes as a doctor he’s impatient, emotionless and paternalistic. As you read Intern, penetrating introspection may arise as you probe whether you have the fortitude to pursue medicine. Yet, the self-doubt is healthy as Dr. Jauhar shows self-questioning can be its own reward.


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